Welcome to the 5'9" @9' Basketball League - the premier national league for men under 5'10. 


Founded in 2010, the 5’9″ Basketball League is fast-paced, high flying and exciting basketball for amateur or retired pro players under 5’10″


Who can join?


Men under 5’10″ tall who are ready to take their game to the NEXT LEVEL. Register as a free agent today and like us on Facebook for league updates. 


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The ALL NETS 5’9” @ 9′ basketball league hosts tournaments throughout the year with adult players 5’9” or shorter. The rim is lowered from the traditional 10-foot to 9-foot goal. Initial rules would be that of high school or recreation play. It’s the plan of the owners to rent an existing facility. ALL NETS will host this tournament/league nationally building name recognition. League Association Managers (AM) will be recruited at each site to create start-up leagues locally. The ultimate goal is to create a national league similar to the NBA. ALL NETS is seeking the support of investors for its endeavor.

What does 5'9"@9' Mean?

All players are under 5'10" & we lower the rim to 9-feet! ARE YOU THE FIRST TO DUNK OR GET DUNKED ON?

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We've been around for a while and have built up an excellent program that offers the best sports at the best value.


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